Fliggy International Platform (Fliggy.hk) Enrollment Instructions

In order to meet Chinese consumers’ growing demand for outbound travel and to match their increased spending power, Fliggy International Platform (Fliggy.hk), which is targeted at high-end tourism consumers in China, now invites specialized overseas tourism merchants to enroll. Enrollment on Fliggy International Platform (Fliggy.hk) is based on invitation. Currently, the interface for the self-help application has not yet opened. Please check this page for the announcement of the specific date for the self-help application’s opening after it’s been determined. Merchants who enroll on the Fliggy International Platform (Fliggy.hk) will need to provide the required materials of proof in order to be approved after document review.

Enrollment Requirements

Merchants who enroll on Fliggy International Platform (Fliggy.hk) shall meet at least the following criteria:

1. Own a legally registered corporate entity overseas

2. Meet qualification requirements of their country of registration for the supply of the relevant services

3. Have the capacity to provide services to Chinese tourists

Qualification Certificates

Before enrolling on Fliggy International Platform (Fliggy.hk), merchants shall provide the following qualification certificates to prove they abide by relevant laws and regulations in their country of registration, have the capacity to provide services to Chinese tourists and meet the qualification requirements of Fliggy. Furnishing of all documents does not guarantee successful enrollment.

Except when otherwise stated, scanned copies, in color, of the original certificates can be provided for all of the following qualification certificates:

1. Business License

2. Business registration certificate

3. A local, valid, and legal proof of identity for the company’s authorized representative or director (preferably passport)

4. A local, valid, and legal proof of identity for the company’s shop owner (preferably passport)

5. The company’s board of directors’ resolution for appointment of the shop owner

6. The company’s bank account license or bank statements from the account used to send and receive funds for business transactions

7. The company’s applicable license to supply the relevant services in the jurisdiction of the company

8. For companies who enroll for the category of air tickets, valid IATA air ticket agent certificate

9. Completed shop information table filled out in accordance to the questionnaire template provided by Fliggy

10. Other certificates or information as required by Fliggy from time to time, based on the present conditions

Requirements for Goods and Services

After enrollment, goods and services released on the platform shall at minimum, meet the following criteria:

1. Description of goods and services shall be in Chinese. Units shall be of international metric standard

2. Price shall be tagged in RMB. Wangwang customer service in Chinese shall be provided.

3. Regulations for merchants releasing goods and services of particular categories shall be followed.